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your convenince, our priority

OP Foods Group’s (“OPG”) promise of ‘Your Convenience, Our Priority’ makes Modern Trade, especially Supermarkets, Online E-Retailers and Convenience Stores important to us and our Customer Communities.


At OPG, we value Modern Trade Partnership, nurture relationships with each Retailer and work hard to gain their trust – one Store at a time. Our experienced Specialist Teams from Sales Operations, Warehouse/ Logistics & Delivery and Field marketing, add value and help create the best experience for our Retailer and Customer Communities. 

The Food/ Retail Industry is ready for a transformation. The advent of Internet and technology advances in e-commerce has ushered in an era of more consumer choices and more competition, inevitably changing the landscape for Retailers, Suppliers and adjacent service providers. Everyone is forced to adapt and adjust.

Amidst the changes and challenges, at OPG, we believe there are many opportunities to increase the value proposition to our Customer Communities. Partnering with Online and Offline Modern Trade Retailers helps increase efficiency, ensure business continuity and improve productivity for the whole industry. At the same time, our Customer Communities benefit from a wider selection of products with quality guarantee and are offered promotions/ discounts/ credit card rebates.

Our young and experienced Team is ready for the change, continuously guided by our promise of ‘Your Convenience, Our Priority’.

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